School Fees:

Morning Session –$2290(pre-nursery) monthly fee: $0(K1-K3); 

Whole-day Session – $2852(pre-nursery)    monthly fee: $699 (K1-K3) (including tuition fee, breakfast, lunch, snacks & fruit)


K1 – K3 monthly fee – after redemption of Pre-primary Education Voucher / Registration Certificate


(**Needy families may apply for Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme from the Student Finance Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency)

The Books and Worksheets Price List
School Uniform Price list

Price List

Summer Uniform(per suit)$110
Summer Sport Uniform(per suit)$100
Winter Uniform – girl (per suit)$200
Winter Uniform – boy (per suit)$195
Winter Sport Uniform(per suit)$120
Cold coat$100
Winter Jacket$270
School Bag$50